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Mailing Address:
San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club
581 Blairburry Way
San Jose, CA 95123-1304

Board of Directors:
Vice President/Acting President, Mike Greenberg president@bayareacurling.com
Treasurer/Secretary, Richard Lazarowich treasurer@bayareacurling.com
At-Large, Colleen Buyers colleen@bayareacurling.com
At-Large, Brian Davidson bdavidson@bayareacurling.com
At-Large, Adam Kapp adam@bayareacurling.com
At-Large, Bill McMorris bill@bayareacurling.com
At-Large, Wes Seeger wes@bayareacurling.com
Past President, Brent Halpenny brent@bayareacurling.com

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