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Established in 1958, the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is the oldest arena curling club in the United States. SFBACC is a nationally-recognized leader in curling development, providing learning opportunities, youth scholarships, competitive development, recreational leagues, corporate and private events, and more. We teach thousands of Bay Area residents to curl every year!

Now, we are raising funds to build a dedicated curling center right here in the Bay Area so that we can take these programs to the next level. But we can't do it without your support. Please join us and make your tax-deductible gift today: DONATE NOW!

Summary of Monday's (2/17) DI informal member meeting in San Jose

On Monday (2/17) an informal member meeting was held in San Jose to give an update on the Dedicated Ice initiative. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s what was discussed:

- We kicked things off with Mike Greenberg giving us an Olympic update. As of Monday (2/17), we had over 800 people come out to try a Learn to Curl during the Olympic push, and over 40 new curlers have registered for lessons starting this Saturday.

-Brian gave a quick status on the multi-threads various committee members are working on,

San Jose Earthquakes Curl Against the Sharks

Great job by all! Sign these guys up for league!

Dedicated Ice Business Plan

Dear Members,

The Dedicated Ice Committee is pleased to present our business plan, which you can find at www.bayareacurling.com/di-business-plan. This document provides a description of SFBACC today, a vision for how dedicated ice can and will benefit SFBACC, and the requirements for building a dedicated curling facility. The document includes a pro forma operating budget, but since its production, the finance committee has compiled a draft report detailing the assumptions and calculations used to project annual operating balance sheets for a dedicated ice facility in Hayward. Furthermore, it provides some analysis and comparisons to the current state of SFBACC as a Sharks Ice customer. You can find this document at www.bayareacurling.com/di-business-plan as well. Note that both documents are in draft form for your review, so please excuse any typos or errors.

Dedicated Ice Discussion, San Jose: Tuesday Feb 18 at 7:30 P.M.

With apologies for the short notice, we would like to offer to hold an informal discussion around the Dedicated Ice initiative this Tuesday (Feb 18) at 7:30 p.m. at Sharks Ice, San Jose. A specific location has not been determined; however it will likely be held in one of the conference rooms. We can all rendezvous at Stanley's and take it from there.

Ah, paperwork.

Alright, curlers, here's the latest on Dedicated Ice:

We've been working on preparing a Letter of Intent for a lease to the proposed Hayward property located at 3121 Diablo Ave. This document represents a non-binding agreement between the landlord and the tenant (SFBACC) outlying the commercial terms. We expect it will be ready to be sent out this Friday (today), and expect to hear back from the landlord by the end of next week. This document will form the starting point for further lease-related negotiations.

Photos from San Jose Learn-to-Curl on February 11

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Learn-to-Curl in San Jose on February 11. Please come back and curl with us again in lessons and leagues!


Dedicated Ice Committee Update

The Dedicated Ice Committee is currently working on several key components to determine if the Diablo Avenue building in Hayward is a viable location for our club’s dedicate ice facility. To start things off, they would like to share the scope of their work with the club members.
Here is what our DI Committee has been up to this week:
-They sent out a RFP to 3 vendors for ice making equipment. We should soon see a write-up of the equipment we need to buy and prices.

The Time Is Now

Dear Fellow Curlers, Members, and Friends of Curling,

Since 1958, the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club has been bringing the excitement of curling to California. The club has responded to many challenges and achieved many successes over the past 55 years. Now it is about to undertake the largest project in its history: the dream of a Curling Center with ice dedicated to the sport we all so enjoy and love.

We, the undersigned, are long-time members of SFBACC and have been curling longer than we care to say. We believe SFBACC is ready to take on this huge undertaking, and this effort has our full support.

Olympic Learn-to-Curls Underway!

Thanks to everyone who came out to learn curling this Saturday in Oakland. And thank you, as always, to our volunteers!

Photos of 1:30pm session
Photos of 3pm session