Upcoming Events

Hot Shots Competition

Saturday, August 17, 2pm at Oakland Ice Center

Hot Shots is making its long-awaited return appearance at SFBACC on Saturday, August 17! Test your skills against other club members for a chance to walk away with $100 in prize money. Here's how it works:

Contestants will each throw six shots (no sweeping):
1. Hit and Stay
2. Draw the Button
3. Draw the Port
4. The Raise
5. Hit and Roll
6. Double Takeout

Each shot will be scored from zero to five points based on the final location of the shooter/target rock(s). The top curlers with the highest points after the preliminary round will qualify for the Hot Shot Playoffs and a chance to be our $100-wealthier Champion! Any remaining ice time will be open to all participants for practice or pick-up ends after the tournament.

Ready to throw in, hot shot? Pony up your $35 entry fee and we’ll see you in Oakland on Saturday, August 17 at 2pm. Hurry up, because we're only taking the good sheets so spots are limited!

Not so hot? If you're not interested in competing but still want to join in on the fun, we're looking for volunteers to help set up and score shots. Email mikeg@bayareacurling.com to lend a hand!

$35/person entry fee