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Junior/Student Curling Program

The SFBACC is proud to announce our student curling program. All ages and physical abilities are welcome. And remember, it only takes 4 people to start a school curling team...

Read about curling in the Oakland Aegis, the school newspaper of Oakland High.

Interested in bringing curling to your school?
We're also welcoming partnerships with local schools, organizations, and youth groups. We can host your group on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon, or help arrange another time. Our instructors are physicists, engineers and teachers eager to co-develop curricula to suit STEM learning and other local youth program needs. Email education@bayareacurling.com for details.

Scholarships & Donations: Can't afford full-priced tickets? Or can you help fund a student who otherwise can't afford to curl? Email scholarships@bayareacurling.com for more information—and thank you!

Top 5 Reasons Educators Dig Curling

  1. Sportsmanship & integrity: in a "gentleman's game," curlers are their own referees and compliment opponents on a good shot.
  2. Interdisciplinary tie-ins: a rare opportunity to observe physics & geometry in action.
  3. Athletic acumen: sweeping & delivering require precision and work underdeveloped muscle groups.
  4. Focus: off-ice issues are left off the ice; players focus only on their team and the next shot.
  5. Community: Curlers of all ages set up the ice together, and share a drink (hot chocolate!) after each game—winner buys, so everyone wins.

Top 5 Reasons Teens Dig Curling

  1. Meeting other teens. 'Nuff said.
  2. Geek sport! High-level strategy; often called "chess on ice."
  3. It's something different.
  4. It's as casual or competitive as each group wants it to be. Groups support and challenge each other.
  5. Human Curling »

Other questions?
Email curl@bayareacurling.com

Youth curling in action!

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