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Board Election 2021 Candidate Statements

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Voting: Eligible members have been sent a voting link by email. Contact election@bayareacurling.com if you didn't receive one and believe you should have.


Ken Wallis

Hello fellow curlers! I was honored to fill the role of Vice President for the past year, and would like to be able to continue in this capacity, to aid the important work that our board is doing to finally bring a dedicated curling facility to the Bay Area! It has been yet another long year of difficult circumstances, yet I am very proud to have been part of this dedicated team, pushing through the difficulties to continue to make progress in making this vision a reality. I look forward to continuing this work and seeing us all out on the ice very soon!


Mike Greenberg

I am pleased to be continuing in my role as SFBACC Treasurer for another 2 years. I ran for the previous 2019-21 term under the promise of creating greater synergy between Treasury and our Dedicated Ice team than existed at that time. Over the past two years, I have worked to implement practical financial management to sustain the club through a difficult period of non-operation and COVID-related impact, which continues this Spring, with the singular goal of giving us the financial runway to open doors to a dedicated club. This includes working with our team to support a mix of traditional fundraising, government assistance, personal loan and debt management, sponsorship programs, and direct coordination with our dedicated ice team, contractors, vendors, and landlord.

In addition, the club is better prepared to operate a more financially complex business in the year ahead, and to ensure future continuity of Treasury operations. We have transitioned from homegrown accounting solutions to industry-standard software and practices, and engaged an external accounting firm to assist the club with quarterly reviews and tax preparation — this also provides an additional party familiar with our finances during any future transition in the Treasurer role.

Our path to Dedicated Ice remains neither easy nor financially assured. We will continue to rely on the generosity of the curling and local community to get across the finish line and sustain a successful club. As we work to get our club open and healthy, what I can promise is that we will approach each financial decision with great respect for, and in the best interests of, the donors, lenders, sponsors, and volunteers who have given generously to support our success.

Thank you for continuing to entrust me with the responsibility of being your Treasurer — see you on the ice, this year.


Adriana Camarena

Adriana Camarena

I'm honored to be nominated for an at-large board member position. I've been a member of the SFBACC for 10 years and 41 weeks! I've enjoyed the company of fellow curlers on and off the ice for many years, and cannot wait to help finalize our wildest dreams of dedicated ice. I know that our wildest curling dreams can come true! In 2019, I was selected as part of the first Mexican national team. With Coach Barry Ivy (SFBACC) and teammate Ramy Cohen (Seattle Granite), I played the 2019 World's Mixed Doubles Championship in Norway. I went on to skip the first Mexican women's team in the 2019 Americas Challenge (Eveleth, MN), where we won silver and earned our spot to play in the 2020 World's Qualifying Event (Finland). It’s been a steep learning curve, with good mentorship and coaching along the way that helped me weather the change from throwing negative ice in Oakland to playing against top curling teams on championship ice with 5 feet of curl. As we transition towards a new dedicated ice facility, I am keen on building our knowledge bank and programming to accelerate our growth as a competitive curling club. But there are other transitions that we need to consider as a club. I moved from my country of origin to the working-class Latinx Mission District of San Francisco over a decade ago, and soon learned to ask of myself "How can I be a good neighbor?" Our neighbors in the surrounding residential zones of the new club site are majority Black and Latinx peoples. As we move towards occupying our new curling club in Oakland, we will need to think about our neighbors, about those whose space we come to inhabit, and how we will earn our place in their community. We will need to work with community members to ensure that our club is inviting to people historically excluded from white spaces, especially when we are moving into their vicinity. We should also remember that the new club sits on the territory of the xučyun (Huichin), the ancestral and unceded land of the Chochenyo speaking Ohlone people. And, that this land is still of significance to the present-day Muwekma Ohlone Tribe. Our game of ancient roots migrated to this continent with early Europeans, it migrated to California with contemporary Canadian migrants, and these histories all contribute to the shaping of our curling club. Our beautiful game is also built on sharing what we know, and good spirit. As a writer, I often draw from the past to imagine the future. How do we carry all these storylines forward? The face of curling is changing as emerging curling nations hit the world stage, but it is also changing in clubs all around the USA. We have an exciting opportunity to play a major and exemplary role in this transformation, if we choose to do so.

Kate Garfinkel

Kate Garfinkel

Hello! After taking a two-year detour in IL, I (and my spouse) have returned to Oakland! I’ve been a member of SFBACC since 2011 and I was a board member about five years ago. During my time on the board, I focused on developing our youth and adaptive curling programs. In addition to coordinating and chaperoning a number of bonspiel trips for our former boys team, I organized an adaptive learn-to-curl and wheelchair instructor certification clinic for our members. Now that we are back, I’ve returned as a member of the operations committee and been to the club on many occasions to help with the painting, shoveling, and other tasks that have needed volunteers. I hope to continue to work with the youth and adaptive curling programs once our ice is open. I am very excited for the future of our club and I would be proud to sit on the board.

Westin Kurlancheek

Westin Kurlancheek

Hello friends and hopefully soon-to-be friends! My name is Westin and I am running for an At-Large position on our Board. Like many of you, I am very excited about us having Dedicated Ice soon. More importantly, I am looking forward to having our curling family back together (and growing!) along with having a community space for curling. From when I started curling in 2010, the fellow curlers of this club have been incredibly supportive in both a curling sense and in general. I will never forget the love and support I received from my fellow curlers at arena nationals after my father had complications during his surgery. This is the community that I will make sure that we keep when we open our DI facility.

As a board member I will continue our strong traditions of outreach and mentorship. From running a large amount of learn-to-curls during the Olympic cycle, to making sure that we have programs to serve the youth of Oakland, I am very proud of our club’s commitment to growing the sport and lowering the barrier to entry. I would be honored if you chose me to represent you on our Board.