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The San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is building our own curling center in Oakland set to open in 2021. Our affiliation with Oakland Ice Center has ended. Join our mailing list to be notified when new Intro-to-Curling Clinics are announced and leagues are forming.

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Intro-to-Curling Clinics

Ever wanted to try curling? This is your chance! Throughout the year the San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club offers the opportunity to learn to curl, no experience required! Curling Clinics are a comprehensive introduction to the Olympic sport of curling. You will learn the basics of the game, a bit of curling history, and technique fundamentals. During the second half of the session we also hold mini-games as space and time permit. Curling clinics are also a great chance for our newer members to get a technique refresher! (And, don't forget, the sessions are always followed by some post-curling socializing at the bar!)

Anyone of any age or physical ability can curl. Don't worry if you can't manage the traditional lunge; we teach stick curling, too. All of our activities are wheelchair accessible and we can accommodate a wide range of physical limitations - just ask if you're not sure!

Come by yourself or bring your friends and family. We love to meet new people!

What should you bring?
We recommend wearing loose fitting pants (sweats or track pants), warm clothes and sneakers. Lots of folks enjoy having a hat and gloves, as well. Jeans are strongly discouraged.

What will you do?
- Get an overview of the game and on-ice safety
- Learn delivery basics (how to throw the stone)
- Learn sweeping
- Play a mini-game (if time and space permit)

Can I give a learn-to-curl session as a gift?
A curling experience makes a great gift for friends and family! Visit our gift certificate page and we'll set you up with a gift certificate you can present to the recipient. Give them a gift unlike any other! We'll make sure they have a blast.

Adults: $35, Juniors (21 and under): $15

Due to strong interest in these events and our desire to provide the best possible experience, advanced sign-up is required. Purchases are transferable but non-refundable.

For more information on curling clinics, or if you cannot make it to a curling clinic but would like to try curling, contact curl@bayareacurling.com.

To reserve a full sheet (up to 12 people each) or for private event information visit our Group Event page.

No events currently available. Join our mailing list to be notified when additional Intro Clinics are added later this year!

If you'll be attending with a group but registering separately, please enter either the names of the other individuals in your party or the name of the organization so that we can make an effort to group you together during the event.