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The San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is building our own curling center in Oakland set to open in 2021. Our affiliation with Oakland Ice Center has ended. Join our mailing list to be notified when new Intro-to-Curling Clinics are announced and leagues are forming.

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Non-USCA Events

Competitive curling goes way beyond the standard championships. There's something for everyone at every level:

    MoPac 5 & Under - This event is for curlers with 5 or fewer years of experience. The 2014 event will be an 'open' format. There are no playdowns. See MoPac 5 & Under web page for announcements .
  • Pacific International Cup (PIC) - This competition typically features teams from several countries, including Canada, the US, Australia, China and Japan. It is designed for top level club curlers (teams are not allowed to have more than one "elite" level player.) Regions must receive invitations to this event and most regions hold playdowns to select their regional team. The State of California typically receives 1 Men's and 1 Women's berth to this event and a State Playdown is generally held to determine the representing teams. This event is hosted by the Richmond Curling Club near Vancouver, British Columbia. See the CalPIC website for announcements .
  • Cashspiels Possibly even more competitive than playdowns, cashspiels are bonspiels in which winners receive a cash purse. These events attract top teams from around the world. Some cashspiels are open to all, some are by invitation, some require qualifiers. Sometimes, teams use these events to accumulate qualifying points for national playdowns. But nothing is free and entry fees to these events are high!
  • USWCA (US Women's Curling Assoc) National, Senior National, Junior National and All-American - These events are for women only. They are usually less competitive than the USCA's events and are a great training ground for aspiring competitive curlers. (You must be a member of the USWCA to participate. See our USWCA page for application and playdown details.)
  • USWCA 5 & Under - These events are for curlers with 5 or fewer years of experience. Some events are for women only; some are open to all. You do not need to be a member of the USWCA to participate. There are no playdowns. See our USWCA page for more information.

  • Bonspiels and Leagues - Everyday leagues and bonspiels are the place to start for all competitive curlers!


2015 Pacific International Cup:
Format: Men's and Women's
California Deadline: [t.b.d.]
Registration Deadline and Fees [t.b.d.]
CalPic website
California Playdown:
(date and venue; TBD)
Pacific International Cup
Apr. 15 - 19, 2015, Richmond, B.C.

2015 MoPac 5 & Under:
Format: 'Open'
Registration Deadline and Fees [t.b.d.]
MoPac 5 & Under
April, 2015; Granite Curling Club; Seattle, WA

(Playdowns is the curling term for playoffs. Playdown processes vary a bit from event to event but often consist of a round robin or double knock-out tournament. )

The Event Finalists for the 2012 MoPac 5 & Under in Seattle

2012 MoPac 5U 'A' Event Winners: Ralston Barnes, Mike Greenberg, Phil Lorin, Roland Gong