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The San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club is building our own curling center in Oakland set to open in 2021. Our affiliation with Oakland Ice Center has ended. Join our mailing list to be notified when new Intro-to-Curling Clinics are announced and leagues are forming.

Interested in a corporate or group events at our new curling center? Find out more »

Past Press

2/28/14    Learn to Curl  (The Foundation for Global Sports Development)
2/21/14    Wannabe Curlers ‘Hurry Hard’ to Bay Area Curling Club Clinics  (KSEE News)
2/20/14    Alex and Lindsey go Curling  (KSEE News - Fresno)
2/20/14    SJ Sharks and Quakes Go Curling  (SJ Earthquakes)
2/19/14    King of Curl  (Flipboard)
2/18/14    High School Students Are Invited To Try Curling  (NPR)
2/17/14    Bob Redell Practices with Bay Area Curling Club  (NBC Bay Area News)
2/11/14    Only Olympic sport played with brooms finds a home in the Bay Area (KALW)
2/7/14      GoPro Video Makes Curling Look Downright Majestic  (Mashable)
2/6/14      Guess which NFL star is USA curling's honorary captain  (Morning Journal)
2/5/14      49ers football star Vernon Davis' 'other' sport is curling (San Jose Mercury News)
2/5/14      Curling: A captivating Winter Olympics curiosity sweeps into Bay Area  (San Jose Mercury News)
1/6/14      San Francisco Bay Area Curling Club comes to San Jose  (San Jose Mercury News)
1/6/14      NBC Bay Area Reporter Bob Redell Goes Curling  (NBC Bay Area News)

12/18/13   Extraordinary Winter Sports  (AAA - Via Magazine)
10/31/13   What is Curling Anyway? (Global Sports Development)
3/11/13     The sport of Curling coalesces at Lake Tahoe  (In El Dorado County)
1/15/13     Learning Curve  (Diablo Magazine)

7/10/12     Meet the Beer Revolution Curling Team  (Bay Area Craft Beer Blog)
5/16/12     Brooms and Stones on Ice:  Curling Comes to Oakland (Oakland Aegis)
4/17/12     Human Curling! Presented by San Francisco Curling Club  (Video:  You Tube)
3/8/12       Mankato hosts national curling competition  (Mankato Free Press)

12/12/11   Chess on ice?  (Dana Blogs Chess)
2/22/11     Curling playoff takes over Oakland Ice Center  (Oakland North)


7/29/10     Curling With The Stars  (NFL.com)
7/27/10     Davis to host curling event for charity (ESPN)
4/15/10     Post Olympic Fever Burns for Curling  (NBC Bay Area News)
2/19/10     49ers tight end Vernon Davis catches curling bug  (Inside Bay Area)
2/19/10     Curling sweeps its way into Fremont  (Inside Bay Area)
2/19/10     SFist Interviews: Curler Lyle Sieg  (SFist)
2/17/10     Curling on ice  (Tri City Voice)
1/13/10     Curling in the Bay Area is so cool, it's hot (SF Chronicle)
1/8/10       Curling with Vernon Davis  (NBC Bay Area News)