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Leagues are the heart of our club. Not only are leagues key to the experience of curling and learning the game, they’re also a critical way to support the financial strength and sustainability of the club. Most leagues are round-robin, so you get to play lots of other teams and meet other club members. After each game, it’s traditional to broomstack with your opposing team, which is curling-speak for sharing a post-game drink and snack. So don’t delay — find your next leagues and get on the ice!

A note for new curlers: We welcome all-levels! No teammate? That's okay! All you need to join a league is to have completed a Learn to Curl or Curling 101 Lessons. If you have any questions about which league is right for you, we’re here to help! Reach out to us with any questions or requests for future leagues.

Registration: Registration is open to members of SFBACC. With the exception of Learner's League, club membership is required. Not a member yet? Find the right level of membership for you and become a member to register for leagues. Priority registration opens on March 18 for PLUS and Founder’s Members. General registration opens on March 19 for all members.


Our Leagues

SFBACC offers six types of leagues for curlers at every level.


Specially-designed for new curlers to learn the basics of game-play, rules, etiquette, and strategy in a supportive environment.

Learner's League
Starts April 13 | 9 weeks | 10am
Registration format: Balanced
Competitiveness: ★

Beginners Registration
Experienced Registration



Open to curlers at any level of experience who are most interested in having fun, sometimes in unique formats. Social leagues offer a relaxed curling environment and entertaining games.

Trivia League
Starts April 14 | 10 weeks | 5:15pm
Registration format: Open
Competitiveness: ★★
Learn more and register


Recreational leagues offer a mix of good-natured competition and friendly camaraderie. These leagues are intended for mentoring newer curlers, learning back-end positions, and enjoying a fun and not-too-competitive game of curling.


Broomstacking League
Starts April 4 | 13 weeks | 7:30pm
Registration format: Open
Competitiveness: ★★★
Learn more and register


5-and-Under League
Starts May 3 | 8 weeks | 7:30pm
Registration format: Open
Competitiveness: ★★
Learn more and register


Brunch League
Starts April 14 | 10 weeks | 10:00am
Registration format: Open
Competitiveness: ★★★
Learn more and register


Designed to increase a curler’s understanding of the mechanics and strategy of the game while creating a consistent curling experience. Intended to foster individual and team development for competition. Some curling experience is recommended.


Starts April 1 | 13 weeks | 7:00pm
Registration format: Open
Competitiveness: ★★★★
Learn more and register


Semi-Competitive Doubles
Starts April 3 | 14 weeks | 7:00pm
Registration format: Open
Competitiveness: ★★★★
Learn more and register


Competitive-oriented teams playing against high level opponents in games of high level strategy and shot making. Designed to fine tune the highest level of the game. Curling experience is recommended.


Starts April 2 | 14 weeks | 7:30pm
Registration format: Team Entry
Competitiveness: ★★★★★
Learn more and register


Currently designed for curlers about 12-18 years old at all levels of experience. Learn more about our Juniors program.


Junior League
Starts April 14 | 10 weeks | 1:30pm
Registration format: Open
Learn more and register


Team registration formats

Sign up processes vary by leagues. Teams may be made up of any gender combinations.

Open: Individuals, pairs and teams can all sign up. Individuals and pairs are placed on teams by drawmasters. Most of our leagues are open format, unless otherwise noted.

Balanced: Individuals or pairs can sign up. Teams are selected by drawmasters with the goal of balancing all teams, mentoring newer curlers, or bringing established curlers into positions such as vice and skip.

Team Entry: Only full teams can sign up.

Interested in splitting a league or being a 5th player on a team? Register your interest with this form.


What are your current COVID practices?

SFBACC is dedicated to building a safe and inclusive center for curling in the Bay Area, and that includes the health of everyone who walks through our doors, too.

SFBACC’s highly recommends that individuals remain up to date with vaccinations against COVID-19. Masking may be required by public health policy and/or SFBACC policy. Participants will be informed about current requirements before their event. Please see our COVID safety policies.

If you have any COVID symptoms please stay home (and stay safe). Contact us if you develop symptoms and need to change your registration.

What should I wear?
What accommodations are available?
If I'm not available for every date of league games, what are my options?
Can I get to the club using public transit?

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